Samsung Galaxy M30 Best Low Price Phone Review


Finding a balance between high end specifications and a continuous race down to the price point is deceptive. It took Samsung a few years but the company’s M series shows a return to form. We reviewed the Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 and found them to be fully capable devices that can hold themselves. Marking the top end of the system is the brand new Samsung Galaxy M30. Continue reading to find out what we think about the phone in our review of the Samsung Galaxy M30

About our review of the Samsung Galaxy M30

I have been working on this review of the Galaxy M30 for about a week. My review unit for Samsung Galaxy M30 and Samsung Experience 9.5 UI on Android 8.1.0 has been used in India on the Airtel network. The unit was using the February 1, 2019 security patch and created the M1AJQ.M305FDDU1ASBA number.


1)159 x 75.1 x 8.4 mm     4)nano dual SIM                       

2)USB-C                               5)matte plastic                                            

3)3.5mm ujack        6) MicroSD card space

There is a certain homogeneity in the design language of Samsung's M Series for Samsung phones. The phones are all made of high-quality plastic and have modern features such as water trimmers and large batteries.

The front side of the Samsung Galaxy M30 is set to a red object, the display is turned on.

All right, all right. The notch may not be new at the same time, but it clearly indicates that Samsung is ultimately fighting for value in the mid-range entry stage in line with the latest trends. The screen used is a variety of 'Infinity-U', with small bezels all around, even if you get a big chin at the bottom. Below the Samsung Galaxy M30 shows a USB Type-C port and headphone jack.

The right side of the phone has a rocker rocker and a power button. The buttons always have a small sponge, but ergonomics does it for you. In fact, even a fingerprint reader is free to access. And it's one of the fastest in the middle of the range and I found myself opting for a pointless face-opening option. Meanwhile, on the left side is a tray with two nano-SIM card slot, and a dedicated MicroSD card slot.

At the bottom edge of the phone lies a USB-C connector, a 3.5mm audio jack and a speaker grille. The latter is not very smooth and the noise produced is very small. There is no low end to talk about.After the Samsung Galaxy M30 showing the end of the gradient.

The Galaxy M30 has a gradient style finish on the back that contrasts with the completion of the Galaxy M10 and 20. It is very different from the appearance of many hyper-glossy colors many phones seem to be coming these days. 

Unfortunately, the back is made of scratched plastic and you will have to hide that nice finish if you want it to keep looking clean. On the flip side, the matte finish helps to avoid fingerprints. The back of the phone reaches the edges in a almost rock-like manner and makes the Galaxy M30 very comfortable to sit comfortably in hand. 


The Samsung Galaxy M30 packs a massive 5000 mAh battery with 15W fast support. We were very impressed with the battery performance of the smartphone.   

The smartphone easily lasts two days of normal use for one charge. In line with this, faster charging also works better and is able to charge the device faster. 

 It is recommended to use the 15W charger provided in the box to get the best results. Overall the battery performance of the smartphone was much better than its many competitors found in the market.


1)6.4 inches                  4) Super AMOLED

2)1080 x 2340 pixels          5)19.5: 9

3)Infinity-U note           6)394ppi

The front side of the Samsung Galaxy M30 when the display is on shows the default home screen.

While we love the LCD display on the Galaxy M20 too, the Super AMOLED screen here is definitely a step in and one of the best things you can find in this price range. Due to the nature of the technology, the comparative standards are amazing and so are the viewing angles. The screen looks amazing on all arms.

Dark levels fall to ink-dark levels, and high light, when set by hand, is sufficient for outdoor views. In the default mode, the light correction disappears and the screen may not be fully visible in the sunlight. The default white point is very accurate but if you want a warm or cool tone, you can switch to the AMOLED Cinema or Photo profile in settings.

The upper front side of the Samsung Galaxy M30 is focused on the Infinity U notch

The downsizing notch doesn't really get in the way of viewing. There is an option to hide the notch but Samsung has not done a very good job at this. One black bar cuts across the top and makes no effort to resemble the curved corners seen at the bottom of the display. In general, the notch does not look good and we doubt that many users will have problems getting used to it.

Yes, the phone supports Widevine L1 DRM protocol so you can stream Netflix in HD on your phone. 


If you think the Samsung Galaxy M30 is currently the most affordable smartphone with three rear cameras, let’s start by reviewing the handset imaging capabilities. But before that, here’s a look at what the setup includes - a 13-megapixel shooter, an 8MP lens-angle sensor and a 5MP sensor for depth sensing purposes. Anyway, you also get an LED flash shot in the dark settings. Previously, this device was shipped with a 16-megapixel snapper.

Update for Samsung Galaxy M30  

 According to the camera interface, there is no difference from that on the M20. That is, all the options are well set, and switching between normal and wide mode requires one tap. However, you may be interested in knowing about image quality. Yes, I am happy to tell you that the Samsung Galaxy M30 will not disappoint you with its image quality. 

 Daytime photographs are highly detailed, and the colors are also produced with precision. Getting close is also fun, even if the phone struggles to focus on nearby areas and automatic focus is not fast. Sadly, low light is not a strong suit of the phone as the sensor emits light sources, which detracts from decent images (unless, of course, you zoom in and see the grain).  

 The wide angle, however, is certainly what makes the M30 stand out from its peers as not many devices can boast of this feature. It can give you a very broad view of the scene in front of you, even if you need to compromise on automatic sharpening and operation in this mode. The fish-eye effect can be corrected by using the 'Shape Correction' option in the gallery. 

 Then there is the depth sensor that ensures that you get the best depth of field effect with the subject separated neatly from the ambiguous domain. You also get the ability to control the amount of blurring to make sure you don't get a picture that looks like it's done. Now I will let the photos speak, so without further ado, here are the camera samples for the Galaxy M30.


1)Samsung Exynos 7904    5) octa-spine

2)14nm.  6)2 x Cortex A73 + 6 x Cortex A53

3)4GB or 6GB of RAM    7)64GB or 128GB storage

4)microSD is expandable     8)VoLTE


The interior details of the Samsung Galaxy M30 are similar to the Galaxy M20 for the most part. The phone is powered by an Exynos 7904 chipset built with 14nm processor. This is an octa-core chipset with a combination of two efficient Cortex A73 cores combined with Cortex A53 performance cores. 

The 4GB RAM variant has 64GB of storage, while the 6GB RAM version comes with 128GB of storage. There is a MicroSD card slot dedicated to expanding that storage continuously. About 51GB of storage is available out of the box.

Like many other smartphones in the category, the Samsung Galaxy M30 is also a dual SIM device and has two dedicated nano SIM cards, both of which support VoLTE . The phone was usually very good at network performance, and in my spare time with the phone, I used it a lot to make calls. The quality of the phone was clear on both sides and the phone did a good job despite the excellent network in the area.


1)mali G71 MP2 GPU

2)Not good for playing

3)Excellent performance


By itself, the Exynos 7904 on the Galaxy M30 is the best chip of the class. However, potential buyers will be putting the phone in the Redmi Note 7 Pro and that is where the challenge lies. The Redmi Note 7 Pro with its own Snapdragon 675 processor is extremely powerful

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