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Realme 8 Pro is a beautiful, inexpensive Android phone  

that you probably should not buy right now - at least if you are in the US. But also a preview of the good things that come in the midrange class, especially when it comes to camera hardware. I’ve seen the future of smartphone photos around the $ 400 price point, and that’s great. super amoled display

If unfamiliar, Realme is a Chinese company that started out as a low-end version of Oppo;  

like OnePlus, it was founded by former Oppo vice president. redmi note 10 pro Or, you can technically buy a global version of the phone and use it in the US, 

 but we would not recommend it. It is not compatible with most of the 4G teams we use in the provinces, so coverage will not be good. 








  • High-quality main camera

  • Surprisingly good 3x digital zoom

  • Fast all-around performance thanks to 6GB RAM / Snapdragon 720G combo


  • Noticeable white balance shift with ultrawide

  • Finicky optical fingerprint sensor

  • No 5G support

The 8 Pro uses the new 108-megapixel Samsung sensor. priced at rs  17999 As with the S21 Ultra, 

 the point of this technology is not to take 108-megapixel images (or you can do that if you want). Combining data from pixel groups to create a better edited 12-megapixel image. camera performance

Considering its price in india of rs 17,999, the performance is excellent,  

thanks to the strong combination of its Snapdragon 720G processor and 6GB of RAM. Depending on how you feel about branding in promotional companies, 

 I think the “DARE TO LEAP” printed on the back of the phone can be a compilation (not my thing, personally).

Realme 8 Pro

The 8 Pro offers wide and wide standard cameras, as well as macro and sensing-sensing modules.


written on the camera rack. Specifically, Samsung's Isocell HM2 sensor combined with f / 1.9 lens. primary camera realme 8 pro cameras

but perhaps due to image processing techniques this advanced sensor could not come out, 

 I did not see a certain number of blurry shoots that OIS may have fixed. Other rear cameras include 8-megapixel ultrawide, 2-megapixel macro, and 2-megapixel camera sensing camera. 


A large camera can do a few exciting things. On a clear day, it can use all 108 million pixels individually camera performance is to super wide angle camera

, use different pixels to take your place at multiple simultaneous display levels, and combine data into a 12-megapixel final image. In low light, the camera converts objects and uses binning to combine pixels into groups of nine 

, successfully converting small pixels - 0.7μm for accuracy - into very large pixels of 2.1μm, which helps to produce low resolution images.

Photos in bright light look as good as expected. There are some interesting details that have been captured, although some extreme sharpness can be seen when you zoom up to 100 percent. The colors are so full of my liking; there is no amount of fertilizer 

 on the grass in the world that can make my yard look green as the 8 Pro thinks it is green. 

 It seems prone to this overuse of fields and thankfully there is less anger with the portrait mode images. Portrait mode photos look great, and thankfully the camera doesn't turn on when switching to this mode

Have full hd display in realme 8 pro

The dim interior light and low light are where the phone’s cameras tend to have difficulty, 

 but the 8 Pro turns out to be amazing in these situations. In moderate light, the images are surprisingly detailed and show little sound. Camera night mode will emit more details, even if it works for a disturbing amount of sharpening and contrast.

I was expecting, frankly, the low expectation of the 8x zoom digital 8 Pro,  

but I’m happy to report that it’s much better than I was afraid of. In a beautiful and balanced light even in the interior light,  

the photos show a lot of detail and I am hard pressed to find the unpleasant art objects that often appear in digital zoomed images.

Left: 3x digital zoom, 100% crop. Right: 108-megapixel image, 100% plant.

The camera doesn’t just fit into the 108-megapixel image, either. Compared to 100 percent, a photo taken with 3x digital zoom shows more detail and looks smaller than the 108-megapixel image plant. The pixel binning power of the Samsung HM2 is used here, and the result is a digital zoom that is actually worth your time.

There is no such good news to report about other 8 Pro cameras; they do just fine. Ultrawide is prone to subtle but cannot predictable color changes:  

the white balance can capture very warm skies and the blue sky sometimes looks a little gray. The macro camera is a low resolution sensor that is more than just a gimmick, and 

 the selfie camera thankfully avoids the slippery surface in its default setting. Everything is worth a phone call at this price.

8 Pro processor and RAM combination is more than enough for daily tasks and scrolling.


Aside from the cameras, the Realme 8 Pro is an effective mid-range phone. Battery life is sufficient for a limited number of days 

 depending on heavy usage and the processor / RAM combo handles daily app scripts and tasks with ease. The 6.4-inch 1080p OLED with a standard 60Hz refresh rate is fine but nothing special,  stereo speakers

and I had to fight  qualcomm snapdragon 720g processor is have in this

Realme 8 pro have  realme ui 2.0

the automatic light and emphasize making the screen too dark for couples 

 we give you pro review realme 8 pro better than realme 7 pro and note 10 pro max

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